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Oliver Lawrence

Incisive English is run by me, Oliver Lawrence, from my studio just south of Rome – I’m British but EU-based. I moved here to live in 2008 with my Italian wife, although I often return to England to keep in close touch with my native language and culture.

What you can expect from me

I’ll communicate clearly with you without wasting your time (unless you just fancy a chat, of course).

I may need to contact you with queries – if a phrase can be interpreted in more than one way, or to ask for your preference where alternative terms exist.

If you like, I can even help you polish your original Italian text by pointing out any typos or ambiguities that I find (nobody’s perfect) – free of charge.

And of course, I shall deliver the finished copy promptly to the standard you expect.

Excellence every time

I continually hone and cultivate my language and writing skills, reading widely to keep on top of my game. That’s partly because I teach a writing course with leading translator-training provider eCPD Webinars, and partly so I can keep producing the fresh, persuasive copy you need.

My beady-eyed quality-assurance process is rigorous and robust, using a battery of tools to ensure you a smooth, flowing, accurate and well-edited text.

Peace of mind

If you do not speak the language, it is not always easy to tell how good a translation is.

I am an experienced professional with over 5 million words crafted since 2008 for outstanding Italian businesses, large and small. I hold the postgraduate Diploma in Translation from the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists, of which I am a Fellow, and I have passed the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting entrance examination (with a special commendation, no less).

I am the first Italian>English translator to gain prestigious Chartered Linguist status. And I am often invited to speak to my peers about translation (and they ought to know a thing or two about the subject).

So you are in safe hands.


My translations have been used by several luxury-yacht brands, a small chain of luxury hotels, a multi-award-winning holiday resort, numerous small tour operators, several universities, publishers, marketing agencies, a large IT firm, an American online magazine, other translators, and many more.

Selected projects

  • Tourism – 2 full-length published guidebooks (on Venice and Verona), an ebook on the Via Aemilia, the information panels for the major exhibition “Numbers” at Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome), an incentive-travel website, cruise brochures, spa hotel promotions, guest information, accommodation advertisements, a holiday-home development prospectus, audio guides, menus, exhibition reviews
  • Marketing – presentations, newsletters, social-media guidelines, brand books, Facebook campaigns, leaflets, slogans, website copy, Instagram messages for fashion and yachting brands
  • Commercial – press releases, quality-management-system (QMS) procedures, environmental policies, product labelling, market research, contracts (tenders, conditions of sale, shipping agreements, etc.), data-protection policies, software help text, certificates

Accreditations, qualifications and memberships

  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (FCIL) and ChCL logo 0024 blackartered Linguist (CL)
  • Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists – 2 Distinctions and a Merit in the 3 papers
  • Institute of Translation and Interpreting qualified member (MITIAndy Maslen member logo) – Highly Commended in the entrance examination, rated “excellent” on all criteria
  • Official ITI Assessor
  • Former member of ITI Italian network and ITI Media, Arts and Tourism network (2016–19)
  • Professional Copywriters’ Network memberplain
  • Plain Language Association InterNational (PLAIN) member
  • Certificato di Italiano come Lingua Straniera, level 4 (Università per Stranieri di Siena)
  • Cambridge University graduate

Publications, training and speeches given

  • Speaker at the BP19 and CIOL20 conferences on “Righting your writing”
  • Speaker at the BP17 conference on “If you mean business, become a better writer”
  • Speaker at the METM16 conference, 2016, on “I had to swerve before I hit him: the perils of ambiguity and how to avoid them” and on “Case study: a virtual translation team” (with Helen Oclee-Brown and Phillippa Bennett)
  • Speaker at the Creativity in Translation conference, 2016, on “Creativity in commercial translation: what it is and why it’s important. A practitioner’s perspective”
  • Speaker at the 2015 ITI Media, Arts and Tourism network workshop on “Best practices in translation for the travel industry”
  • Speaker at the 2014 ProZ conference on “Translating for the travel and tourism industry
  • Speaker at the 2013 IAPTI conference on “Clarity – serving our clients by serving their readers”
  • A 3-webinar sold-out course on “Clear writing, clear benefits” for eCPD Ltd, given annually since 2014 and now in its 8th edition
  • Full-length webinars given on “Translating for the travel and tourism industry” and “Clear writing, clear benefits” for eCPD Webinars
  • Various articles published in the ITI Bulletin, including on “Best practices in tourism translation” (report on a survey, May-June 2015) and “The Back translation slam” (an account of an original CPD project, Sept-Oct 2015), The Linguist magazine, and Editing Matters, the official magazine of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP)

Carbon neutrality

I run a carbon-neutral operation and am pleased to support Carbon Footprint and their projects to reduce emissions while aiding communities in developing countries. For transparency, here is my latest carbon-offset certificate.