Is your business suffering from this blind spot?

You know, something that’s not quite right about your business but you can’t see it?

Something that could be costing you sales, brand reputation, lost opportunities. Money left on the table. You’re shrewd enough to know that, in today’s tight economic times, you can ill afford to do that.

If you operate internationally, if you market your products or services abroad, then naturally you will have translated your website, your brochure, your key messages.

But how good are those translations? If you’re not a native speaker of the foreign tongue, then you’ll be hard pressed to judge.

There is a way to be sure that your translated texts are hitting the sweet spot rather than falling wide of the mark – and that’s to find a top professional copywriter-translator whom you can trust. Someone with the qualifications, the testimonials, and the expertise to turn your carefully crafted copy into something as incisive and effective in the other language. Someone who will have your overseas target clients clamouring to give you their money.

There are some businesses who go for the cheapest translations of their marketing materials, regardless of quality. Those are the businesses with a blind spot. If your competitors are among them, then that gives you a great advantage.

Now’s the time to exploit it.