Are you really in charge of your image overseas?

If you’re responsible for marketing your company and projecting your brand, then you know how important it is to take charge of how you present your business across all channels. You’ve invested a lot in your website, your logo and graphic design, and developing the right tone of voice so that your customers have a clear idea of what you’re about. But are you missing something? Continue reading

Show time! 6 tips for top exhibition translations

The exhibition “Numbers. Everything that counts” had its official opening at Rome’s Palazzo delle Esposizioni yesterday, and yours truly was there, rubbing shoulders with the great and the good. It was exciting to see the information panels that I had translated up there on the walls, next to the beautiful exhibits, imaginatively presented. For me, it was just what an exhibition should be – fascinating, enjoyable, food for thought. Continue reading

A little-known way to fill more of your off-season rooms

47% of Americans prefer off-season travel, according to this American Automobile Association survey.

Why? It’s cheaper; there are fewer crowds and shorter queues; and families with school-age kids are safely back home, leaving the marvellous Mediterranean hotspots less hot but still ripe for exploring by the more affluent, discerning “Anglo-Saxons”, as the Italians like to call us. Continue reading