Clear Writing, Clear Benefits – The Course

You may know that I am giving a 3-week course on clear writing for translators, starting on Nov 13, with the good folks at eCPD Webinars.

So what’s it all about?

Essentially, less of this


and more of this


Clear writing is a skill that adds value for clients, readers and translators / business writers alike:

  • for readers, because they get the information they need – quicker, with less effort, and in a more pleasant experience
  • for clients, because they save money, they enhance their brand image, and their staff and clients are happier
  • for translators, because we can develop our skills, improve our job satisfaction, gain higher-value clients, and – therefore – make more money.

The course will discuss what clear writing is, what it is not, and what its fundamental aims are. We explore numerous writing techniques through worked examples, tips, and discussion of some pitfalls to avoid in practice. More than a straightforward webinar, there will be interaction aplenty, quiz questions, and an (optional) extended exercise at the end.

The final session culminates with a look at various software tools that you can use to monitor and enhance the clarity of your writing. The course is all in English, although no doubt many of the principles are fruitfully applicable to other languages, too.

Best webinar ever”, they said about the 1-hour event that spawned the course. Let’s see if we can top that!

There are just a few places left, so hurry over to the eCPD website for further details, including dates, times and how to book.

See you there!