Copywriting and content writing

Do you need something written in incisive English – a substantial piece or something a little creative – but you can’t divert your staff from their important tasks?

Maybe you want to add a new page to your website, and you have a set of notes to work up into some engaging prose? Or perhaps you have an informal speech that you wCopywriting and content writing from Oliver Lawrenceant to turn into a more serious article for publication, or a long piece to cut down into an executive summary?

But it has to read well, to flow nicely, to get your point across clearly. To be something you’d be proud to put your name to – only without actually having to write it yourself. And without turning off your readers with the tedious filler “content” that the web seems awash with these days.

I can help you.

Beyond copyediting

Sometimes you need more than just a proofread or a bit of spit and polish. Here are some of the things I can do to make your texts sparkle and sing:

  • sew a patchwork of paragraphs by different people together into a seamless unit with a consistent tone
  • work a set of bullet points up into some crisp, effective prose
  • abridge a long text for a different use
  • repurpose a dry lump of English as an attractive, persuasive marketing piece with a dash of creative brio
  • update an existing article with new material and integrate it into a coherent whole.


When you need a slogan for your product or service, you’ll naturally have a clear idea of the tone you’re looking for, the values and messages to express, and the target market.

Simply send me your brief containing your requirements, and I’ll create a suite of fresh slogans to encapsulate and project what you want to say. Discuss them at your leisure; give me your feedback; and I can refine, combine or build on them using your comments and ideas.

Copy and content

Whether you need to inspire, inform or sell, I can write the text to do just that, from a corporate video (like this one that I wrote for ethical nylon producer Aquafil) to a series of tweets for a hotel or enticing web copy about a travel destination that makes your readers long to explore it for themselves.

Let me know what you want to say, whom you are targeting, and what response you’re hoping to inspire. And don’t forget your keywords; alternatively, I can search for some myself.

Every journey begins with one small step. Like clicking this tempting orange button. Go on. What can I do for you?

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Or, if you already have some copy, but it needs a once-over and a careful proofread, take a look at my editing and proofreading services.