How to crack those tough translation nuts

You know those expressions that are a pain to translate to/from Italian? Awkward words that don’t behave, that stubbornly resist your best attempts, that never seem to come out nicely first time. Or second time. Those.

Ever wondered if your lovely colleagues have found a quick and elegant way to crack some of them? Well now there’s a chance to find out. The upcoming ITI conference in Cardiff will feature a session for Italianists and Italophiles on the Saturday morning (20 May 2017), where you can compare notes and tap into the collective wisdom of your compagni di viaggio. Over a cup of proper coffee. What could be finer?

So till then, make a note of any of your “favourite” troublesome words or phrases, and pass them on to me at, ideally as example sentences with a bit of context. I’ll collate, add a couple of my own, and we can all pit our wits against them in Cardiff.

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Illuminiamoci d’immenso!