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Maintain your reputation, make your message heard

You’ve heard those stories about the company that lost $1 million Incisive Editingfor a misplaced comma in a contract? Or those menus that go viral as we all laugh at the restaurants’ poor English? Or the businesses that lose thousands in sales because their expensively developed product’s name means something rude (and no one realised)?

Like it or not, people judge us by how we speak – and write. Write carelessly, and your reputation will suffer. Distract your readers with ambiguities, grammar mistakes and convoluted prose, and you will not get your message across.

How much could that cost you?

English editing for Italian writers

Being able to write in a foreign language is a great skill, but it’s almost impossible to do it naturally, persuasively and correctly at professional level. That’s no reflection on you: I edit articles for several professors, and they are very intelligent people indeed.2 flags

Italian writing styles need to be adapted to work in English. The two languages are very different, in idioms (we say “touch wood” not “touch iron”), conventions (English prefers shorter sentences) and styles (Italian’s noun-centric expressions sound odd in English).

And don’t forget hidden meanings. How can you be sure that what seems to you a perfectly innocent sentence doesn’t conceal a double entendre that will make people snigger at you? “Feel the call of nature”, for example, doesn’t mean “Be inspired by the wonders of nature”; it means “Feel the urge to urinate”…

To negotiate this minefield, you need a professional editor and native speaker who understands what you want to say – because he knows your language, too – and can articulate it incisively for you. This applies equally to product slogans, articles for professional journals, and luxury brochures aimed at demanding clients.

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Copy-editing, proofreading and Plain English

Certain types of writing demand a creative flourish. Often, though, what counts most is getting the point across quickly and accurately.

In ecommerce contracts, public-information leaflets and business procedures, for instance, clear communication is essentcopy-editing and proofreadingial. The answer is Plain English. As a clear-writing teacher and member of Plain Language Association InterNational (PLAIN), I am perfectly placed to assist.

Whatever your text (plain or creative), if it is for publication, then it must be flawless.

A smooth-flowing, well-structured text with accurate grammar and elegant wording will create an excellent impression and make people take notice. Don’t just rely on your spellchecker. A second, meticulous, pair of eyes – backed up by top editing software PerfectIt – can catch typos, fill in verbal potholes, and give your text the polish it deserves.

So before using those presentation slides, putting those exhibition captions on the wall, or clicking ‘publish’ on your website, why not show me first?

I might just save your blushes.

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Or if you find it more convenient to write in Italian, find out how my creative translation services can help you instead.