Editing and proofreading

Stay on voice, safeguard your brand

Your English is good. You can run a Zoom meeting with an American supplier or make yourself understood in an email. But when it comes to writing a landing page, a brochure or a Facebook campaign, you need a little help.Proofreading services: "No mistakes" sign. Be impeccable!

You know your target audience and the kind of messages that will work. But when you write them, something is missing – the elegant touch of a native wordsmith. You’ve got the right idea, but the execution needs a polish to add the “wow factor” and edit out any blemishes.

You’ve heard those stories about brands that lose face – and money – from a language fail. The foreign product names that mean something rude in English. The gala dinner menus that raise a snigger with a mistranslation. Or the lost millions due to a misplaced comma in a contract.

Like it or not, people judge us by how we speak – and write. Distract your readers with ambiguities, grammar glitches and convoluted prose, and you won’t get your message across.

Leaving your brand (and your boss) counting the cost.

English editing for Italian writers

When it comes to communication, the difference between good and great is editing.

Don’t make your readers think. Make it easy and enjoyable for them to get your meaning. Use language that lets the message shine through – rather than obscuring it.Editing Italian writers: image of the Italian and UK flags

Italians express themselves differently from English speakers. The two languages contrast in many ways. In idioms, for example – we say “touch wood” not “touch iron”. In style – noun-centric phrasing sounds odd in English. And in structure – English sentences are shorter. Like this one.

So English written by Italians usually needs adapting in order to work.

And then there are hidden meanings. How can you be sure your perfectly innocent sentence doesn’t conceal an embarrassing double entendre? “Feel the call of nature” doesn’t mean “be inspired to go out into the countryside”; it means “feel the urge to urinate” …

English can be a minefield to the unwary. But there is a way through. With a native-English editor who knows what you mean – because he knows your language, too – and can articulate it for you, crisply and with style.

Leaving you with a flowing, impeccable text that says exactly what you want.

Copy-editing and proofreading

Whatever your text (creative or plain), if it’s for an important audience, it must be flawless.A proofreading metaphor: image of a round reading glass

A rhythmical, well-structured piece with accurate grammar and elegant wording will create an excellent impression.

Don’t just rely on your spellchecker. A second, meticulous, pair of eyes – backed up by top editing software PerfectIt – will catch typos, smooth over verbal potholes, and give your text the polish it deserves.

So before sending out those presentation slides, printing those exhibition captions, or clicking ‘publish’, why not show me first?

I might just save your blushes.

Let me edit you

Or if you find it more convenient to write in Italian, see how my translation services can help you instead.