So your English marketing copy is rough and ready – does it matter?

Perhaps it is OK for your business to address your foreign customers in cheap, basic English.

After all, top copywriting services are not for everyone.

A rustic trattoria or small family-run agritourism in the back country has no need to present itself professionally: broken English can be part of the rude charm of a cheap-and-cheerful place in the sticks. If their guests are happy to communicate with them by smiling, pointing and gesturing, then of course that’s fine.

But what if yours is an elegant, upscale establishment catering to discerning, seasoned travellers with high expectations?

Careless talk costs customers

If excellence and service are important to you and your customers, then addressing them in a slipshod version of their language will absolutely not create the desired impression. The texts need to be right.

Indeed, at this level, it’s all about the details. You can be sure that every small blemish will be noticed – every stain on the carpet, every missing bath towel, every awkward phrase in the brochure. Those are the little things that speak volumes about your business, about your commitment to quality, about how much you care.

From the website to in-room guest information, your written material makes a crucial contribution to setting the tone. People read it before they use your products or services, and it goes a long way to framing their perceptions of you. Hit them with some elegant, welcoming copy that captures your brand’s tone of voice, and you have made a vital step towards creating a good first impression.

Carefully crafted copy costs less

If you want to save money then choose quality, they say. If your English-language texts were dirt cheap, then they probably won’t earn you many new customers in return. But by moving upmarket, you can have your website, brochures and press releases in incisive, carefully crafted English to reinforce the visual image honed by your beautiful graphic design, photography and printing.

Your target customers – who know quality when they see it – will realise that you are the perfect match for them, and your investment will pay dividends.

The first step to achieving this is simple. Contact me.