Other services

As you will have gathered, I translate Italian texts into English, specialising in tourism and marketing material, and I provide editing, proofreading, copywriting and content-writing services in English, too. And if you would like to sharpen your own penmanship and learn to write more crisply, then my clear-writing course is for you.

But I also translate other types of document (e.g. certificates, fiction and government information), and I work in some other subject areas (e.g. television, art and law). I examine each text on its merits, and I am flexible enough to accept work outside my specialisms in order to help you if I am convinced that I can translate it to my normal exacting standards.

So there is a good chance that I can still assist you even if the text that you need translated is not about travel marketing.

I also work with a group of trusted partners who offer services complementary to mine. For example, I don’t translate highly technical specialist legal documents, I don’t offer interpreting services, and I don’t write copy in Italian. But I know some good people who do.

Contact me and I can put you in touch with a reliable expert if you need any of these language services:

  • Italian-to-English technical, aerospace, architecture, legal, financial, fashion, medical or dental translations
  • Super-urgent overnight Italian translations (done in Australia)
  • Translations from English into Italian or Chinese
  • Translations from French, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Copywriting or content creation in Italian
  • Italian-English interpreting services in Italy or the UK
  • Voice-overs in Italian or English (male voice)
  • English language teaching via Skype or near Latina (Italy)
  • Italian language teaching via Skype or near Latina (Italy)
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