You know by now what my main specialism is – translatingediting and writing copy for top Italian travel and yachting brands. But it doesn’t end here; there are extras.Extras: go further. Photo of a road into the distance.

I have a sideline in plain English. So if you need to explain some practical information with clear, no-nonsense precision, I can do it. Quality procedures or privacy policies? Covid-19 protocols or business contracts? No problem.

I work with several distinguished Italian scholars in the fields of TV and cinema. I shape and polish their essays and book chapters to help them convey their ideas to best effect in English-language publications, ensuring they get the respectful reading they deserve.

I’m a member of the Poetry Society and have translated poetry, song lyrics and short fiction. The sound, the nuance and the richness of language can be a thing of beauty and wonder.

And I also teach writing skills, through a 3-webinar course on clear writing and a new 3-hour interactive workshop about writing with an ear for style, euphony and rhythm. There are extras aplenty!

So even if you’re not a travel marketer or luxury brand, I could still be well-placed to help. Or to recommend an excellent fellow professional from my extensive network. Whether it’s for specialist legal or technical translation. For translations from other languages or translations into Italian. For interpreting or voice-overs, language tuition, or copywriting in Italian.

Get in touch and I’ll let you know