How to get total strangers to buy from you when they don’t speak your language

So you have a great product that the overseas market would love, but you’re not getting the sales you deserve?

At least, I assume that second part is true, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. If you already have more customers than you can cope with, all paying a big fat price, then congratulations! Otherwise, the worry and frustration of not selling enough either to the cagey Italian domestic market or to the distant, uncomprehending, seemingly unreachable foreign market will be all too familiar.

But what if you could win over more potential customers from abroad? Discerning people all around the world love the food and fashion, the art and design, and the amazing travel destinations that Italy has to offer.

What if you could find a way to inspire and convince more of them with your marketing? Even if you don’t speak their language – not well enough to convey the image you want to, anyway.

It can be done

Naturally, you already have a beautifully designed website and a lavishly photographed brochure. Which is great. But obviously it’s not enough. Because you can’t get total strangers to buy from you, to part with their jealously guarded cash, unless you use some well-chosen words – otherwise we’d all be marketing with pictures alone.

Words: that’s exactly where the problem may lie.

With an offering like yours, you’ll be targeting discerning, demanding customers. If all your marketing is as sophisticated as your product, they’ll be suitably impressed; if it isn’t, then something won’t feel right, which will put them off immediately. You can see that your visuals all hit the spot, but what about the words – the English words, that is?

Writing to persuade, writing to sell, is a tough job. That’s what professional copywriters are for. But an Italian copywriter or marketing ace cannot write persuasive copy in English. Nor can your nephew who did languages at high school. Nor can your secretary with her English proficiency certificate. Nor can your British friend who lives around the corner.

But how can you work with a native English copywriter, when they can’t speak your language?


But help is at hand, in the form of a professional translator-copywriter, a native English speaker who knows how to write incisively but also speaks your language to a very high level. So they know exactly what you want to say and they can say it for you in English.

They can craft words to express the magic of your product, service or destination and all its authentic Italian fabulousness in a way that hundreds of millions of your English-speaking potential customers can relate to and feel inspired by. Inspired to buy.

That’s how you can bypass the stagnant home market and get the kind of overseas customers that you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s the least you deserve.