How to re-use your existing content to sell more overseas

When you’ve invested time and money in developing effective marketing materials, it’d be a waste not to get the most from them.

Your website content, brochures, videos and blog posts could be working hard to make you more money from overseas markets. Why confine yourself to the domestic scene? Companies that can reach foreign customers can bring their products and services to a much bigger audience.

So can you.

Make your marketing work abroad

The obvious problem is the language barrier – prospects abroad simply cannot understand your existing content.

But the solution is equally obvious – get a crisp, persuasive, incisive translation that really works.

A professional translator-copywriter:

  • understands your language to perfection and knows exactly what you want to say, what you want to achieve, and what image you want to project
  • is also a writing expert who can choose the words that make your content sound good, look professional, and appeal to your target customers
  • understands your foreign prospect’s culture and knows how to adapt and localise your content to avoid any faux pas or confusion.

Translate your content –it’s easy with the right help

Email your content to the translator with a brief about who your prospects are and what you want them to do next (sign up to your mailing list, come for a free trial, request a quotation, etc.).

It’s simple. And probably much faster and cheaper than it was to produce the original content in the first place.

Now you have the tools to start selling abroad.

How far will they take you?