METM16 in a nutshell

As a translator, what do you expect from a good conference?

A variety of thought-provoking and entertaining presentations and workshops; some productive networking; lots of convivial socialising with friends old and new; cementing bonds with online buddies and teammates; a translation slam (yes, a translation conference with an actual translation slam! Why don’t they all do that?); a beautiful, interesting conference venue; a beautiful, interesting host city; good food; gorgeous weather; the giddy, nerve-jangly highs of getting up there and giving a presentation; and finally coming away with lots of notes, things learned, ideas to implement in your work and business, and the feeling that it had all been a right good old experience?

Well that – apart from the weather at the start – was METM16 in Tarragona. Did you miss out? That’ll learn ya. See you in Brescia 2017, then 🙂.

[shamelessly reblogged (with acknowledgements, etc.) from the METM16 Facebook page]

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