Want to know how your UK market sees you? See for yourself.

You’re trying to organise your holiday.

You’ve been looking for a hotel abroad. Many of them don’t have a website in English; you can’t even understand them, let alone make a booking – so naturally you won’t be staying there.

Some websites do have an English version, but they look like they’ve been translated by a machine (or a monkey). The text is so hard to understand that you get frustrated and give up. After a full day’s work and putting the kids to bed, you just haven’t got the energy; if they can’t make it easy to read, you’re not interested.

Some other websites seem to have been translated by an actual person, but they’re still not quite right; some parts aren’t very clear, and you wonder if communicating with the hotel is going to be a struggle. You ask yourself what else isn’t quite right with their service: little stains on the carpet, perhaps; a hair in the soup, maybe?

But then you find a website that really speaks to you, in fluent, natural English. That makes you feel welcome and inspired. That gives you confidence in them. That makes you excited about going there.

So, out of all these hotels, which one are you going to book?

And, looking at your own business, how do you think your potential overseas customers feel about your website? Do they give up on it? Does it leave them unconvinced? Or does it make them eager to do business with you?

If you have your website translated by a professional translator-copywriter and native speaker, then your target clients will be powerless to resist.