Are you really in charge of your image overseas?

If you’re responsible for marketing your company and projecting your brand, then you know how important it is to take charge of how you present your business across all channels. You’ve invested a lot in your website, your logo and graphic design, and developing the right tone of voice so that your customers have a clear idea of what you’re about. But are you missing something?

Now that the Italian market has been stagnant for years, one of the best ways to grow is to expand abroad – to export your products, to sell your services to foreigners, or to attract overseas tourists to use your facilities here in Italy. Confidence in the economy is much higher in Britain, and the Brits are very partial to what the Bel Paese has to offer.

If I am buying, you speak my language; but if I am selling, allora dovrò parlare in italiano.

To sell to foreigners, you need to talk to them in their language. Of course, you already know some English, so perhaps you can write your own web pages, brochures and contracts. But beware! How good actually is your English? Are you sure that you can really say what you want to say? That you can project the brand image you’ve worked so hard to create? That you can come across as professional and persuasive, not clumsy and ignorant?

Because if you can’t, then you’ve lost control.

Sadly, too many Italian businesses do just that, blithely throwing away control of their image in vital foreign markets, just to make a small short-term saving. At the expense of lost future sales, of course. How much does that cost them?

How to stay in charge

Sometimes, to keep control, you need to trust someone else. Someone who knows exactly how to get your message over in English, who can articulate your values and present you in the best light, who can persuade more of your target clients to respond the way you want them to.

A professional translator-copywriter can choose the right words to say exactly what you want. They know which words sound good together and create the connotations that reflect your brand. They know how to craft a text for you that is persuasive, engaging and attractive to read and that will not distract your potential clients with ugly blemishes or unwanted double entendres.

A professional translator-copywriter will give you the control that you need, so that your English messages come across in your voice. And if he is a Chartered Linguist endorsed by Britain’s two main translator institutes, then you can truly rest easy, confident that the job will be done well and delivered on time.

So, how can I help you?