Is this mistake costing you clients online?

“We’re unprofessional!” “You’re taking a real risk with us!” “We don’t care what you think!”

Is that what you want your English-language website to say?

I know, of course you don’t, not really.

But that’s exactly how it does come over to a native English speaker – if you don’t do it right, that is.

Your website is your “shop window” online, the route for your virtual customers to get to know you. It says “look at me!”

So it had better impress them.

That means that grammar mistakes are a no-no (“at the beginning age ’70, it was built the thermal park, which in years keeps the originary structure.”). Ditto tired clichés (“land of contrasts”). And the same goes for unintended innuendos (“feel the call of nature!”) and accidental ambiguity (“we have visits to the cemetery where Liszt is buried daily”), which will have your potential clients laughing all the way to your competitors.

Unless you get your website written by a professional translator-copywriter and native speaker who knows how to choose the right English words to say what you want, then you’re throwing sales down the drain. Lots of Italian businesses are doing just that, right now.

Don’t be one of them.

But, fortunately, it’s a pitfall that’s so easy to avoid.

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