Copywriting and content writing

You need to say something in engaging, elegant English

– but it’s not your native tongue.

You write beautiful Italian, but there’s no need or no time to create a full draft and have it translated.

But what if your trusted translator could write it for you?

It might be an extra suite of Instagram messages for a special event. Expanding a set of notes into an article for your blog. Or developing a brand-new creative tagline.

Whatever it is, it has to sound right, to read well, to flow. It has to get your point across. To be something you’d be proud to put your name to – only without having to write it yourself.

Beyond translation, beyond editing

To make your texts sparkle and sing, I can:


When you need a slogan or tagline, you’ll know the tone you’re looking for, the values to express, and the target market.

Simply send me your brief, and I’ll create a shortlist of fresh proposals to encapsulate and project your message. Discuss them at your leisure; give me your feedback; and I can refine, combine or build on them using your comments and ideas.

Copy and content

Whether you need to inspire, inform or sell, I can write the text to do it.

From a series of tweets to a corporate video – like this one for Aquafil – or enticing web copy about a travel destination that’ll leave your readers longing to explore it for themselves.

Let me know what you want to say, whom you’re targeting, and the action to inspire. And don’t forget your keywords; alternatively, I can do the research myself.

Sound good? Then drop me a line:

Or, if you already have some copy, but it needs a careful polish and proofread, take a look at my editing and proofreading services.